Getting Sales More At-Bats

The job of marketing is to give your sales team more at-bats.

Here's what I mean.

Let's say that your total addressable market (TAM) is 15,000 businesses.

Conservatively, 5% of your TAM is actively shopping for a replacement to their current solution.

15,000 x 5% = 750 sales transactions

Wouldn't you like to get every one of the 750 opportunities in front of your sales team?

Of course!

What are the chances that all 750 of them will...

1/ think of your brand/product because you're top of mind?
2/ add you to a short list of providers to vet further?
3/ reach out to your sales team?

Bottom line: If your sales team isn't getting enough at-bats, it's time to re-examine your marketing plan.


Great marketing ensures that your brand and product are top of mind and the preferred choice when your buyers go to market.

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