From Law School to Thriving Legal Marketing Agency

Meet April and Tyler Roberts – founders of Nomos Marketing, a five-year-old Law Firm Marketing agency serving over 75 clients.  On this episode of Vertical Go-To-Market, you’ll hear how they established their services, workflows, processes, and offerings to grow into a thriving verticalized agency business in the legal field.

A favorite quote from Tyler: 

“I feel like it really took off when we started to meet clients or just people in the industry who we've really felt like we jived with how we view the legal industry and marketing in it.” 

Actionable Key Takeaways for Agency Founders:

  • Leverage what works in one vertical to launch a new one.
  • Cross-compare your pricing and offering to the competition.
  • You can start with as little as defining your pricing, getting Quickbooks, LLC, a website, and a CRM.
  • Your first clients will be referrals, but you must go beyond your network to grow. 

🎧 Listen to the episode now: 

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