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Focusing your B2B Firm in 2023

Here's a helpful focusing statement for your B2B SaaS or Agency in 2023:

We are becoming the best in the world at solving [insert market problem] for [our target market].

Here's a breakdown of the statement:

  • We are becoming - excellence is a journey, not a destination
  • the best in the world - being known as the best is the ultimate competitive advantage
  • at solving [insert market problem] - this is the hard problem your customers pay you to solve
  • for [our target market] - this is who you're solving the problem for

I'll give it a try for my consulting business:

I am becoming the best in the world at solving broken go to market strategies (due to lack of best-fit-customer focus) for 7-8 figure SaaS and Agency owners.

(This was harder to articulate than I thought) :) 

Give it a try for your business, and let me know what you think!


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