Finding success in the legal niche

Do agencies have to cater to everyone to succeed?

In the words of Chase Williams, Founder and Managing Partner at Market My Market, it's not about serving everyone; it's all about niching down. 

In this episode of the Vertical Go-To Market Podcast, Chase and I delve into the realm of owning and expanding a legal niche agency business.

We discuss:

  • Breaking free from stagnating profit margins.
  • Using time tracking to improve margins
  • Transitioning from reliance on referrals and word-of-mouth growth to actively marketing your agency.
  • Harnessing highly specialized content, such as articles and podcasts, to broaden the client base.
  • Demonstrating your capability to overcome challenges specific to your vertical.

Here are some actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

👉 Monitor time and resource allocation to enhance profit margins.

👉 Raise prices to safeguard your business and clients.

👉 Customize content for your niche to ensure discoverability through search engines.

👉 Discover unconventional, low-competition channels to connect with your niche market.


🎧 Listen to the episode now: 

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