Do Agencies Need Fractional Sales Leaders?

Can you scale agency sales with founder-led growth?

Yes, but only to a point.

After you hit a plateau (and most agencies do), you need to invest in a sales organization to help you breakthrough. Yet, building that out from scratch can be a challenging task. That’s why my guest, Joey Gilkey, founded a company to tackle that challenge. Apex Revenue offers outsourced, fractional sales operations to B2B companies and digital agencies.

On this episode of Vertical Go-To-Market, we discuss:

  • Why founder-led sales and relying on referrals isn’t a long-term growth strategy for scaling.
  • Why outsourced lead generation doesn’t convert into sales without a process.
  • What is new (and effective) in the world of outbound sales.
  • Joey’s six-step approach to B2B sales.
  • Affordable ways to acquire and clean up target lists.

🎧 Listen to the episode now: 

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