Content Distribution Strategy

Congratulations! 🎉

You just published a super awesome, oozing-with-value whitepaper (ebook, video, or whatever).

Now what?

Whoops! 😱

In all the excitement, you forgot about the distribution strategy.

A good distribution strategy ensures your target audience sees your content.

Here's a hit list of places to re-publish your content:

Company Website
- Homepage banner
- Press page, custom slice, blog post (be sure to optimize for SEO)

- Internal newsletter (employees), external newsletter (prospects, current clients, etc.), partner newsletters
- Add a link to your content in email signatures

Organic Social
- LinkedIn, Twitter, IG, YouTube, etc. (company page and relevant groups)
- Ask partners to re-share, like, comment

Sales Team
- Provide them with sample scripts and talking points
- Create and share email templates

Paid Ads
- Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
- Native Advertising on Outbrain and Taboola

Live Events
- Host a webinar
- Host a Facebook live event

- Plug the content on your podcast
- Guest on industry podcasts to promote the content

Influencer Marketing
- Ask your network of influencers to share
- Reach out to new influencers to share

Content Syndication
- Guest post on an industry blog
- Submit/add to Medium, Forbes, Inc.


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