Choosing Your Profitable Vertical

Zeroing in on a singular vertical market to dominate?

Consider these important criteria to identify your perfect fit:

  • Revenue: How much does the average business in the vertical earn?
  • Community: Does the vertical have a close-knit community?
  • Industry Language: Does the vertical have its own 'secret handshake,' acronyms, and insider sayings?
  • Market Growth: Is the industry on the rise?
  • Professional Requirements: Does operating in this field require certifications, licenses, or degrees?
  • Associations and Conferences: Are there associations and conferences for this vertical?
  • Personal or Familial Connection:  Is there a personal or family thread weaving through this vertical for you?
  • Professional Connection: Do you have a Rolodex of contacts or a resume that gives you access to this industry?
  • Brand Recognition: Does your agency already have street cred in this space?

These criteria are your compass.

There are countless others, but use these to chart your course to the vertical that’s right for you.


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