Can you sharpen your positioning + messaging? Part 2

In yesterday's email, I argued the case for doing client interviews to improve your positioning and messaging.

Today, I'll reveal the first key buying criteria you need to uncover in the client interviews (there are 5 total).

Buying Criteria #1: Find out the biggest challenges your client had with the former solution.

Goal: To learn two or three of their big challenges.

Why this is important: The big challenges your vertical clients face before hiring you will likely be the challenges your future vertical clients currently face. Knowing and using these challenges in your marketing will help increase your relevancy and build insider trust.

For example: you're an SEO agency, and your vertical is family law attorneys. Through the buyer journey interviews, you learn that before working with you, your family law attorney clients faced a common challenge: spending a lot of money on SEO that only yielded low-value child support cases. In this example, the challenge is only getting low-value child support cases.

To be continued next week.


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