Are your customers just transactions?

Today, I trained a four-person sales team on the differences between transactional and consultative selling.

Here's a breakdown of the biggest differences:

Target outcome:

  • Transactional: Sell a product
  • Consultative: Provide a solution

Nature of the sales conversation:

  • Transactional: Lead with features
  • Consultative: Lead with questions


  • Transactional: Short-term transactions
  • Consultative: Long-term relationships

Salesperson's % of the time talking:

  • Transactional: 80%
  • Consultative: 20%

The reason why they're changing from transactional-based selling to consultative?

Despite thousands of inbound leads, they suffer from 60% customer churn yearly.

The CEO realized they needed to stop seeing their customers as transactions and instead as real people who need a trusted advisor.



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