Are you stuck in analysis paralysis?

Think you need to understand a niche market completely before diving in?

Like first-time parents, you'll never be fully "ready."

Keep in mind:

  • You're already an expert in marketing. Your clients hire and stay with you because you create outstanding results.
  • You probably already know more about the vertical than you give yourself credit for. This is especially true if you already work with a handful of them as clients.
  • It's about progress, not perfection. Every day will lead to greater insights and learnings about them that, over time, will compound the value you create.
  • The learning never ends. I've spent over 15 years in the agency space, and I'm still learning new ways to market and grow an agency. That's what keeps it interesting.

Here's the thing:

You don't need to know everything about a vertical to start making a meaningful impact in their world.

Have a great day!


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