Are you already niche enough?

Today, I got a good question from the founder of a brand new podcast booking agency, who wants to grow.

He feels like he's already pretty specific in what he does, but he wondered if it would be worth focusing his agency on a vertical market, such as attorneys, as in "I help attorneys get on podcasts," or if he is already niche enough.

I recommend that he focus on a vertical market.

"I help attorneys get on podcasts," blends what his specialist service does with a specific vertical whom he helps.

This specificity cuts through the noise, promotes hand raisers, and creates what Jonathan Stark calls a "Rolodex Moment."

A Rolodex Moment (RM) has occurred when someone is inspired to mentally run through the list of people they know and successfully comes up with one or more who they should introduce you to for business reasons. - Source

Then, once this agency owner has traction with attorneys, he can expand into other areas (if he wants).


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