Answers to your questions about cookies

I loved getting your questions about the cookie campaign (original post here). Thank you!

I'm sharing some of my responses here in case you're thinking about launching your own 'cookie' campaign.

1. From where do you source the cookies? 

I've used many different vendors over the years. I am currently sending cookies to my podcast guests from Levain Bakery, and they get raving reviews.

Here are some things I look for when choosing a cookie vendor:

  • Are the cookies delicious? If they're not heavenly, I move on to another vendor.
  • What is the presentation of the cookies? If the packaging looks cheap or the presentation is average, I move on to another vendor.
  • Will it survive shipping? If the package is damaged in shipping, I move on to another vendor.
  • Can I customize the experience? If I can't include a personal letter on my letterhead, I move on to another vendor.

2. Which prospects do you send these cookies to? Cold/Warm/Hot/Sold?

I send them as a first touch to high-value prospects.

3. What's the main purpose/idea behind cookies? Is it connecting with the prospect or asking them to contact you?

The main purpose behind the cookies is to transform the prospect from being resistant into being receptive (and sometimes eager) to talk with us.

For example:

  • Without sending cookies: "Sorry, the attorney isn't available."
  • With sending cookies: "Oh, you're from the company that sent us those cookies? Thank you for those amazing cookies. The attorney would like to speak with you…please hold." 

4. What type of cookies were they, and did you automate it?

We typically sent chocolate chip cookies, but we have also experimented with sending macarons (which were also a hit).

The process wasn't automated and, in fact--very manual. 😅 However, I believe there are platforms today that can help automate some/all of this.

I hope this helps.



P.S. If you do you own cookie campaign let me know how it goes!

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