AI for Marketers

 “Marketing is about to get a lot more fun.”

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In this episode, Mark de Grasse, president of DigitalMarketer, cracks the code on the three forces shaping tomorrow's marketing landscape: the AI revolution, brand building, and disruptive technologies.

Mark shares actionable insights, dispels common myths, and throws in an array of real-life examples to illustrate his insights.

We cover:

  • Content marketing and AI’s role in breaking bottlenecks.
  • The concept of brand avatars and how they help with marketing.
  • How to get more consistent outcomes by training agency teams on AI.
  • How in-person events will be impacted by AI and innovations in translation/communication.
  • Why prompt formulation is becoming an extremely valuable skill in marketing.

Actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

  • Business owners should be making content, but you need a system to run it sustainably.
  • AI will unlock strategy and innovation by automating lower-value tasks.
  • Marketing is about to get a lot more fun with all the opportunities AI and VR/AR will bring about.
  • Start using AI in everything and get proficient in prompt formulation.

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