A Class of Their Own

I have an up-and-coming $M client in B2B SaaS, competing in a $B industry.

They're solving an old problem in a completely different and innovative way.

A key industry conference with influential buyers is coming up.

They're considering sponsoring at the "Bronze level."

Bronze sponsors get subordinate logo placement and promotion.

Their more established 'old school' competitors sponsor at the Gold and Platinum levels.

Should it matter that they'll risk appearing like a smaller, also-ran follower brand?

Here's the thing, if they want to position their brand as different, being positioned as inferior to their status quo competitors is a terrible idea.

It tells the wrong story.

Instead, they need to show up differently.

They need to stand in a class of their own.

You never see Porsche compare themselves to a Ferrari (or anyone else) because they stand in a class of their own.


Because different > better.

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