80% of your future clients are waiting on you

Here's the 5-15-80 Rule for growing your agency.

(This Rule helped us 7x Scorpion's revenue from $20M-$150M)

  • 5% of your target market is actively buying (they'll come inbound)
  • 15% are loyal to their current solution (ignore them)
  • 80% are indifferent to their current agency (ripe for the picking!)

That's right. 

80% of your target market is "on the fence" when it comes to their current agency. 

Maybe they'd leave (and join you), but they haven't prioritized the change. 

Here's the thing...

They're not going to call you.

You've got to GO OUT AND TALK TO THEM and help them focus on a needed change (to your agency)

So, stop waiting and get out there.

Have a great day!


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