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4 Ideas to Build Trust With Connectors

Here are a few ideas to build trust with Connectors.

"Connectors" (a term coined by Malcolm Gladwell) are natural influencers trusted by an unusually high number of people.

(I'll apply these ideas within a vertical market approach)

Idea #1: Talk with them frequently

They have their finger on the pulse of the vertical, so have an open and regular dialog with them to stay top of mind and on top of vertical trends.  

Idea #2: Invest in the relationship

If you can, take them to dinner, see a show, or do a fun activity together. Doing this creates shared memories and deepens the relationship. 

Idea #3: Invite them to special events/announcements

If your company has exclusive 'sneak peek' content or other experiences reserved for VIPs, make sure you include the Connectors.  

Idea #4: Host their expenses at the industry conference

This one works especially well for your existing clients who are also Connectors. I've had great success hosting their conference pass, flights, and/or hotels (first-class). It also gives them a reason to talk about you at the show and signals that you value them. 


Question to ponder:

👉 How can we deepen our trust with Connectors in our target vertical market?

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