3-4 unrelated verticals instead of a single vertical?

I received this question today and thought you might benefit from my response.

Question: What if an agency narrowed down to 3-4 unrelated verticals instead of a single vertical?

My response: You need to have a sales plan for each vertical that includes three separate domains.

Domain one: Inbound

This is ensuring your brand, message, and offer are in front of your buyers when they are actively shopping. Common channels are PPC, YouTube, Podcasts, and SEO.

Domain two: Gift-Based Outbound

This is sending gifts as a first touch before a cold call to warm up your high-value leads.

Domain three: Relationship-Based Marketing

This is going into their conferences, speaking on their stages, and building relationships with their mavens.

Here's the thing...

You scale growth by combining all three domains in a vertical market:  Inbound + Gift-Based Outbound + Relationship-Based Marketing. 

Most agencies do a little bit of Inbound but no Gift-Based Outbound and don't build direct relationships with mavens.

The result?

They have a much harder time building a reputation in any one vertical because they're not creating enough presence or awareness.

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