20 reasons to focus your business on one vertical

20 reasons to focus your business on one vertical:

  1. Do less, but better
  2. Build credibility faster
  3. Become a trusted insider
  4. Lower cost-per-acquisition
  5. Gain operational efficiency
  6. Establish domain expertise
  7. Improve customer retention
  8. Simplify your entire business
  9. Operate in your lane of genius
  10. Charge more than a generalist
  11. Improve customer satisfaction
  12. Make marketing more effective
  13. Build deeper customer intimacy
  14. Attract customers who value you
  15. Turn repetitive steps into systems
  16. Get more referrals that close quickly
  17. Reduce time spent on low-value work
  18. Tap into an existing network of word of mouth
  19. Give you greater industry visibility and recognition
  20. Solve more profound problems for your customers 

Which reason will get you to make the shift?

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