16 criteria to help choose a vertical

In Chapter 5 of my book "Anyone, Not Everyone," I provide readers with 16 criteria to help them refine and prioritize their potential target verticals.

Here they are. Feel free to try them on.

  • Does our client success team like helping clients in this vertical?
  • Do I like working with this vertical?
  • Does this vertical fit with my vision for the company?
  • Does this vertical fit with our existing expertise?
  • Do we have a competitive advantage in this vertical?
  • Is our agency uniquely positioned within the vertical?
  • Is this vertical relatively recession-proof?
  • Is the average revenue for businesses greater than $1 million?
  • Is there a close-knit community?
  • Is there industry jargon?
  • Is the market growing or on the rise?
  • Are professional requirements needed?
  • Are there multiple associations and conferences?
  • Do we have a personal or familial connection?
  • Do we have a professional connection?
  • Do we have existing recognition in the vertical?

After this step, we validate their verticals are large enough to even bother targeting. More on how to do this tomorrow!


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