10 questions to ditch 'dead weight' clients

Launching and growing a successful agency is extremely hard.

You end up doing business with clients who may not work out in the long run or be the best fit.

And that's okay.

Any revenue is critical when you start.

But eventually, there comes a time when you need to start saying NO to poor-fit clients.

So you can make room to say YES to your best-fit clients.

10 questions to help you ditch 'dead-weight' clients:

1. What characteristics define a "best-fit" vertical client for my agency?

2. How can I identify potential poor-fit clients early in the sales process?

3. What criteria should I use to decide when to say no to a potential client?

4. How does taking on poor-fit clients impact my agency's growth and team morale in the long term?

5. What systems can I put in place to attract more best-fit vertical clients?

6. How will I transition from accepting revenue to being selective with clients?

7. In what ways can I prepare my agency for the potential short-term financial impacts of turning away business?

8. What is my long-term vision for the agency, and how do poor-fit clients deviate from that vision?

9. How can I effectively communicate my agency's value to attract the right kind of clients?

10. What lessons have I learned from past experiences with poor-fit clients that I can apply moving forward?



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