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Ready to break the cycle of flat sales and high client churn?

I help agencies unlock sales and client loyalty by specializing in a vertical market.


Tired of flat sales and high client churn?

I help agencies unlock sales and client loyalty by specializing in a vertical market.


Sound Familiar?

  • Your sales are slow
  • Your client churn is high
  • Your year-over-year growth is flat
  • You’re worried about the next negative review from another unhappy client
  • Your revenue is stuck at 6 or 7 figures

Imagine If...

  • Your sales are steady, and your pipeline is full
  • Your client churn is in single digits (and stays there)
  • You have double-digit growth this year and next
  • Your agency is fueled by an excellent reputation and positive word of mouth
  • Your revenue grows to 7 figures or 8

Let me guess...

  • You serve clients of all shapes and sizes
  • You end up taking all the deals you know you shouldn’t
  • You’re doing too many things, all of them not as well as you’d like to
  • You hustled your ass off and got to high 6 or 7 figures, and now you’re stuck there

When it comes to your clients, your default answer is YES.

When your default answer is yes, you stay stuck.

Saying yes to clients got you here.

Now, it’s the very thing keeping you from realizing your agency's potential and getting to the next level.


How can saying yes to clients be a bad thing?

Because it results in filling your agency with clients of all shapes and sizes.



Poor-fit clients never get enough from you, so it’s not surprising they don’t stick around for very long.



Poor-fit clients eventually become frustrated, resulting in bad reviews and low morale for your sales, product, and client success teams.



Poor-fit clients are an expensive distraction, selfishly stealing your time, team, and resources away from high-value work.


Finally break through revenue ceilings and build an agency with clients who love you and stay for the long term.

Benefits of working with me:

Focus Finder 

We clarify your best-fit customer and position your product for maximum impact.

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Focus Finder
+ Marketing Plan 

We’ll develop a 6-month marketing plan based on the Focus Finder that produces a full pipeline of best-fit customers.

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Focus Finder
+ Marketing Plan
+ Advisory 

I work closely with you and your internal and external marketing resources to execute the marketing strategy.

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Improve client intimacy

Go from
vendor to partner

Solve more profound problems

Create more value and charge more

Become an insider

Grow loyalty and accelerate word of mouth

Skyrocket retention

Become nearly impossible to replace

...and so much more.

If this sounds interesting, there are a couple of ways we can work together:

Vertical Go-To-Market Roadmap

Do you want a bankable plan that delivers results but don’t want to figure it out on your own? The Vertical Go-To-Market Roadmap will give you the plan you need with less risk, more certainty, and faster time to results.

Prerequisites: You do at least $1M in annual revenue, and you have clients across a minimum of 5 different verticals or industries.



Advisory Retainer

Do you want to move quickly by making better decisions faster? My Advisory Retainer will give you the accountability, coaching, and recommendations you need to execute on your Vertical Go-To-Market Roadmap.

Prerequisites: You do at least $1M in annual revenue and have existing sales and/or marketing resources.




Corey Quinn

I have a 25-year track record of successfully building companies as an entrepreneur, sales leader, and CMO for a $100M+ company. Now, my focus is on helping agency founders create scale, impact and freedom.


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Unlock growth, simplify your business, and scale with customers who love you with a 1-minute, high-impact tip every weekday.

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