The Golden Circle

I recently listened to Andrew Warner’s interview of Simon Sinek for the second time and was inspired to write a post.  Simon is the author of a book called Start with Why which discusses the concept of The Golden Circle.  The Golden Circle Looks like this:

The Golden Circle answers the questions: Why, How and What.  Start with why.  Why did you start  your business? The answer to the question ‘Why’ is your driving motivation for action. Everything else emanates from this purpose.  Once you have answered the Why, then you can move to the How.  The Hows are the specific actions that are taken to realize your Why.  And finally, once you have identified the How, you can discover The What you are going to do to accomplish your Why and How. The Whats are the tangible ways in which you bring your Why to life.

Here are my answers to The Golden Circle for

Why did I start

I started MTM to help people get good therapy.

Finding a therapist who you can truly trust and become aligned with is a critical factor in determining the outcome of therapy.  In other words, the quality of the relationship between you and your therapist will determine the quality of the therapy.  The better the relationship (trust/rapport/alignment/etc.) the better the therapy.

Before MTM, the only way to find a therapist online was through a therapist directory where you search for a therapist based only on zip code. By using this method, there is no way to know if you will easily connect with a therapist.  MTM matches clients and therapists based on 23 criteria, including personality match, communication style and issue of concern.  Our goal is to increase the probability that you will find a therapist that you will like, so that you start resolving your issues (instead of shopping for a therapist) and enjoy some good, effective therapy.

How are we accomplishing this?

  • We use the power of technology and the Internet to help connect compatible individuals with therapists
  • We use our understanding of personality type, conscious and unconscious communication and preferences to match compatible individuals and therapists
  • We continually refine our approach, so that the matches we provide improve over time
  • We collect and use feedback from our therapists and clients to help us refine our approach

What are we doing to accomplish our Why?

My business partner and I, Dr. Robert Dee McDonald, have devel0ped, which includes a 58 question online survey that both clients and therapists are required to answer.  The survey elicits 23 criteria that we found are important in determining a good match between a client and therapist.  Once the survey is completed, clients are presented with up to 10 of their best matched therapist. Clients can contact the therapists that they like directly from the site.

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