Beyond the Buzz: AI In Marketing w/ Mark de Grasse

“Marketing is about to get a lot more fun.”

If you ask today’s guest, marketing has been extremely stagnant for the past decade and a half. AI is here to change it all for the better, and more entertaining, too!

This episode blasts you into the marketing future with The President of DigitalMarketer, author, and entrepreneur Mark de Grasse.

Get ready to crack the code on the three forces shaping tomorrow's marketing landscape: the AI revolution, brand building, and how disruptive technologies will completely shift our experiences as consumers and as marketers. What will that look like, exactly? Tune into the episode to find out, but here’s a hint: events will never look the same.

More than just predictions, this episode is your playbook for thriving in the ever-evolving marketing landscape. Mark shares actionable insights, dispels common myths, and throws in an array of real-life examples to illustrate his insights.

Ready to decode the future and leave your competitors in the dust? Tune in and join Mark and Corey for an episode of future-gazing (with the chops to back it up).

Here’s what Corey and Mark cover in this episode:

  • Content marketing and AI’s role in breaking bottlenecks.
  • The concept of brand avatars and how they help with marketing.
  • How to get more consistent outcomes by training agency teams on AI.
  • How in-person events will be impacted by AI and innovations in translation/communication.
  • Why prompt formulation is becoming an extremely valuable skill in marketing.

Here are some actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

  • Business owners should be making content, but you need a system to run it sustainably.
  • AI is a content tool, and if you’re afraid of it, you’re not very confident in what you do.
  • AI will unlock strategy and innovation by automating lower-value tasks.
  • Marketing is about to get a lot more fun with all the opportunities AI and VR/AR will bring about.
  • Start using AI in everything and get proficient in prompt formulation.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

- Connect with Mark on LinkedIn Here

- Learn About DigitalMarketer Here


Join us as we decode AI in marketing and agency leadership.

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