Winning in a Super-Competitive Niche w/ Xaña Winans

“You have no idea how competitive the dental marketing niche is…”

We have a feeling that today’s guest, Xaña Winans, Founder of Golden Proportions Marketing, is about to tell us all about the quirks of her niche (and we can’t wait to dive into this vertical!).

Xaña is married to a dentist herself, and wanted to support her spouse starting out. Long story short, the agency was founded in Pennsylvania some 23 years ago. Golden Proportions Marketing today employs a team of 23, working with around 350 dentists, making around $3.5 million annually. 

Xaña is incredibly numbers-oriented, and she goes by the motto “Follow the profits first.” It’s indeed fascinating to hear about her process from testing out new verticals to understanding when to call it for a new project or a venture. In this episode, she’ll take you through the various stages of her agency, the evolution of their offerings, sales approach, and how she leverages speaking engagements to drive leads.

Here’s what Corey and Xaña cover in this episode:

  • Learning from your mistakes and when to call it.
  • How to add new service lines and the best way to test them.
  • Why custom offerings work for Xaña’s agency.
  • How to weave in account strategists into sales workflows.
  • Why it’s better to hire based off of expertise and teach the vertical versus vice versa.

Here are some actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

  • Looking to branch out to another vertical? Be prepared to give it your all.
  • For new recurring revenue products, test them out first for free to learn and adjust.
  • Let the numbers tell you when it’s time to hire sales.
  • A qualified lead is a potential client whose expectations align with what you can deliver.
  • When it comes to industry events, bigger isn’t always better for driving leads.

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Join us as we discuss a three-decade long journey in the dental marketing niche.

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