How Agencies Grow with Relationship Sales with Dan Englander

How do you use relationships to build trust in agency sales? 

Let’s bring on today’s guest, Dan Englander, to answer the question. In addition to authoring a book titled Relationship Sales at Scale, Dan is an expert in helping agencies grow through relationships. 

He runs Sales Schema, a boutique sales company he founded in 2014, which leans into leveraging relationships to grow trust in the sales process. And, the proof is in the pudding. Firms that use Dan’s relationship-based approach see 5-10x ROI, on average.

According to Dan, the first step of building a high-converting and predictable pipeline begins and ends with tasteful and targeted outreach. 

Today, it’s easy for a B2B company or agency to get swept away by all the sales tools, technology, and automation available. The reality is that people respond far better to an approach that leans on a human touch and shared commonalities instead of mindless optimization.

Dan joins the show to share what he’s learned generating millions of dollars in revenue for 100s of clients with his relationship-based approach to business development. He shares exactly how and when to leverage common ground and your network to make personal connections that convert.

Here’s what Corey and Dan discuss in this episode:

- Challenges around converting in the sales funnel.

- Leaning into relationships to open doors to prospects.

- List-building best practices.

- How to be specific with your ICP.

Here are some actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

- Referrals can get you from zero to one but not beyond.

- If you’re not converting top-of-funnel, it’s usually a case of lack of trust.

- Automation isn’t compelling, relationships are.

- Anyone can do outreach, not just the CEO.

- When it comes to list-building, less is more.

- How to systematize relationship sales.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

- Connect with Dan on LinkedIn Here

- Learn More About Sales Schema Here

- Get the book Relationship Sales at Scale Here

Join us as we dive into relationship-fueled agency sales with Dan Englander.

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