Double Your Agency Revenue with Focus Selling featuring Rory J. Clark

When it comes to sales, “Founders aren’t important.”

Provocative, yes. But hear today’s guest out. Rory Clark is a sales expert who has trained over 15,000 executives across 30 countries and has a revolutionary system in place to transform sales organizations.

What’s more, Rory has actually trained Corey back at Scorpion. Now, the duo gets back together to discuss Rory’s proprietary Focus Selling system. You’ll need to listen for the full scoop but in short, Focus Selling is a groundbreaking customer development methodology that leans into human psychology spiced up with a rigorous system of approaching the sales process. In other words, this episode will unpack what salespeople need to master to open new opportunities, understand their prospects, and draft winning proposals consistently.

This episode is a must-listen for any agency owner (or seller) struggling to drive growth from outbound sales. With engaging examples, anecdotes, and stories, Rory shares golden nuggets of wisdom from his career spanning over three decades.

Here’s what Corey and Rory cover in this episode:

  • Rory’s Focus Selling System and the five key areas salespeople need to master.
  • The different social styles of people and how to appeal to them.
  • How to connect with prospects and make them feel heard.
  • Shift to discuss the prospect’s ideal future state and how to remove obstacles.

Here are some actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

  •  You need a system and a process for sales engagement.
  • Founders are technicians but to manage teams, you have to be entrepreneurial.
  • If a salesperson can’t start a sale, they can’t finish it, either.
  • Make people feel heard and understood in the sales process.
  • Proposals need to communicate both the ROI and the cost of inaction.

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Join us as we dive into the sprawling journey of a successful law firm marketing agency.

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