From Law School to Legal Marketing Agency with Tyler and April Roberts

What does the dental industry have in common with the legal world? 

Let’s ask the law firm marketing experts Tyler and April Roberts, who join the podcast this week, to discuss all things verticalization and agency entrepreneurship.

The pair took the learnings they acquired working in a specialized marketing shop serving the dental industry to found Nomos Marketing together with their partners Laura Maly and Michael Anderson. Today, the five-year old agency serves over 75 clients with two offices in San Diego and Charleston.

Our Host Corey Quinn is curious to dig into April and Tyler’s journey. Spoiler alert: The early days were intense. The couple worked full-time jobs while moonlighting in legal marketing at the same time. 

Tune in to learn how they went from operating in a California basement-turned-studio apartment to running a 10-person strong team on both coasts. The couple shares how they established their services, workflows, processes, and offering to grow to a thriving verticalized agency business in the legal field.

Join Corey, April, and Tyler on Vertical Go-To-Market as They Discuss:

  • How their roles have evolved as founders.
  • How to apply existing playbooks from other verticals to your own.
  • How to package your offering into an MVP you can sell.
  • How to templatize offerings and define processes to prime your business for growth.

Actionable Key Takeaways for Agency Founders:

  • Leverage what works in one vertical to launch a new one.
  • Cross-compare your pricing and offering to the competition.
  • You can get started with as little as defining your pricing, getting Quickbooks, LLC, a website, and a CRM.
  • Your first clients will be referrals but you need to go beyond your network to grow.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

- Check out Nomos Marketing Here

- Connect with April on LinkedIn Here

- Connect with Tyler on LinkedIn Here


Join us on a five-year legal marketing growth journey with Tyler and April.

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