Scaling a Construction Agency Business with Luke Eggebraaten

What’s the secret to unearthing a niche that is both profitable and lucrative to your agency business? Luke Eggebraaten has a hot take (or two!).

Welcome to the latest episode of the Vertical Go-To Market Podcast, where our host Corey Quinn, dives into the topic of niching down with the entrepreneur, fellow podcaster, and agency founder Luke Eggebraaten.

In this episode, we explore Luke’s journey of starting a business as a hobby, including the steps to submit for an LLC and set up company financials. Luke initially operated part-time until the moment was right to go full-time.

While Luke’s company started as a generalist agency serving small businesses, we'll learn how he made the strategic shift to become a trusted marketing partner for the construction niche, leaving behind the complexity of managing multiple industries.

Luke shares valuable insights on the importance of niche specialization. Trying to cater to too many industries, nearly ten at a time, proved to be unsustainable due to the diverse metrics, goals, and industry-specific knowledge required. 

He emphasizes the significance of saying no to certain opportunities to focus on building the big picture and garnering respect in the process. 

Luke's agency doesn't let clients pick and choose services but offers three core programs, providing long-term commitment and tailored solutions to maximize client growth based on their size and needs. Regardless of company size, Luke believes in laying the groundwork through organic growth and visibility, then utilizing tactics like paid ads for scaling. 

Notably, an impressive 85% of Luke's business comes from Instagram, and he reveals how they turn clients into word-of-mouth advocates, contributing to their agency's growth by showcasing clients' successes.

Join Corey and Luke on Vertical Go-To-Market for a conversation on:

  • The power of niche marketing and how it can elevate your agency to new heights.
  • The merits of community-building and how it can generate new business leads.
  • Niching down both in terms of industry and offering to provide a superior client experience (and business outcomes).
  • Consistency on social and why keeping a regular posting cadence is paramount for business growth.

Actionable Key Takeaways for Agency Founders:

  • Niche down even if it means saying no to short-term business.
  • Offering a full menu of agency services isn’t always what your clients need: make decisions for them.
  • Prioritizing connections isn’t always the fastest path to new business but it is the most consistent one.
  • If you’re looking to get started, find a vertical with healthy margins, then nail the four basics of your business presence when getting started: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google business profile.

Looking to connect with Luke? Here are the resources:

- Find Luke on Linkedin

- Connect with Luke on Instagram @phaser_marketing and @luke_eggebraaten

- Find Luke’s podcast Dirt Bags here

- Get Luke’s book on Amazon


Join us as we explore how niching down allows companies to accelerate growth, expand reach, and build lasting success.

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