From Affiliate Marketer to 8-Figure Agency: Chris Dreyer’s Story

Join us as we journey through the entrepreneurial life of Chris Dreyer, CEO of, a multi-million dollar legal SEO marketing agency.

You’ll hear how Chris went from running an affiliate marketing company to launching and growing a premier SEO agency serving personal injury attorneys. You’ll experience his journey, the growth stages of his agency, and the hurdles he had to overcome.

In the episode, Chris reveals how he leveraged his connections with industry experts to build a solid referral base and develop social proof. Chris also shares how he attracts new PI attorney clients to his firm today, including SEO, podcasting, Google Ads and more. 

Don't miss out on this episode packed with entrepreneurial wisdom, strategic insights, and anecdotes that are sure to inspire.

Join Corey and Chris on Vertical Go-To-Market as they discuss:

  • Networking and Referral Building Strategies
  • Specialization and Niching Down
  • TAM and Exclusivity in Agency Growth
  • Effective Agency Growth and Business Strategies

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

- Check Out Chris’s Book Niching Up Here.

- Connect with Chris on Linkedin Here.


Join us as we discuss healthcare marketing and verticalized agencies as a whole.

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