From Startup to 8 Figures: The Success Story of a Home Services Marketing Agency w/ Ben Landers

Should you position your agency within a specific niche?

The decision you make now could shape its future for years to come. Our next guest took the leap and decided to niche down into the home services industry, transforming their business in the process.

Join us on The Vertical Go-To-Market Podcast as we dive into the inspiring journey of Ben Landers, founder and former CEO of Blue Corona, a highly successful digital marketing agency specialized in the home services vertical.

In this episode, we'll take you back to the early days of Blue Corona, where Ben's expertise in digital marketing and advertising laid the foundation for groundbreaking tracking software. Initially, he wondered whether focusing on a niche would pay off in growing his business.

But instead of remaining indecisive, Ben fearlessly evolved his software offering into a full-fledged marketing agency, concentrating on home services companies, which led to remarkable sales and online prominence.

You'll also get to know the driving force behind Blue Corona's transformation, Mike Wilson, who significantly impacted sales and marketing strategy, fueling their increased profitability and unrivalled success.

The turning point came when Blue Corona committed to their specific vertical, home services, propelling them into an 8-figure powerhouse that caught the attention of potential acquirers. And from there, their destiny was forever changed.

Ben shares invaluable advice for fellow agency owners seeking growth throughout the conversation. One piece of advice, in particular, is relevant to agencies at any growth stage. His "less is more" philosophy allowed the Blue Corona team to narrow their focus and start working on what truly mattered within the business. By following the 80/20 productivity rule and understanding their profitability per client, these initiatives became Blue Corona's guiding compass to success.

Join Corey and Ben on Vertical Go-To-Market as they discuss:

  • How Blue Corona started as an ad tracking and reporting company.
  • Transitioning to offer marketing services based on client needs.
  • The difficult decision to focus on a specific vertical in the home service niche and why it accelerated the agency’s growth.
  • How aligning marketing/sales teams can make a difference within your agency.
  • Obstacles and lessons in service delivery and product development.
  • Encouraging advice for agency owners considering specialization.

Actionable Key Takeaways for Agency Founders:

  • Consider focusing on a specific industry, which can lead to faster growth and better customer satisfaction.
  • Emphasize understanding the mindset of small business owners in account-facing roles.
  • Utilize technology to deliver and differentiate services rather than selling it as a separate product.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

- Check Out the Blue Corona’s Website Here 

- Connect with Mike on Linkedin Here or contact him via [email protected]


Join us as we discuss healthcare marketing and verticalized agencies as a whole.

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