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Unlock Predictable Traction with Remarkable Positioning w/ Ton Dobbe

Does positioning your agency in a crowded B2B landscape feel like an uphill battle? 

If so, you're not alone. Understanding and effectively communicating your unique value proposition to your customers is a common challenge in our rapidly digitizing world.

That's where Ton Dobbe, our guest on today's episode of the Vertical Go-To-Market Podcast, steps in. Ton is a consultant, strategic product marketing expert, and a recognized global influencer on product-market fit, positioning, and predictable traction. He's spent his career consulting B2B SaaS businesses, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, helping them navigate this very issue.

With over twenty-eight years of experience in enterprise business software, Ton's journey is rich with insights into the art and science of positioning a business for success. His unique approach to advising and consulting, crafted over nearly three decades, has propelled countless companies across industries to new heights.

In today's episode, Ton shares his wealth of knowledge with our host Corey Quinn and reveals how his professional journey has shaped his distinct approach to consulting. Together, they delve into the nitty-gritty of product positioning, explore the importance of understanding your customers, and uncover the "magic concepts" that can truly set your business apart.

Join us on this journey with Ton and prepare to see your agency's positioning in a new light. This conversation can change not just your perspective, but the trajectory of your business. Don't miss it!

On this episode of Vertical Go-To-Market, Corey and Ton discuss:

  • The importance of tailoring messaging based on verticals and industries. 
  • How to create predictable traction in business.
  • The key questions to ask when researching ideal customers.
  • Discovering the elements of your offering that makes it truly sticky.
  • Success stories of Ton helping B2B companies reposition their business.

Actionable Key Takeaways for Agency Founders:

  • Define what makes your company remarkable and find customers willing to pay a premium.
  • Verticalize to address unique needs and language of specific industries and markets.
  • Focus on shared problems and characteristics within a target vertical to niche down.
  • Master the art of positioning to create predictable traction by understanding customer preferences.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Check out Ton’s book, The Remarkable Effect here.
  • Check out Ton’s Profile on LinkedIn here.
  • Read more about Ton’s work on his website here.

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