0 to 800+ Clients in 3 Years: Lessons from a Healthcare Marketing Agency's Explosive Rise

Does the swift growth of your agency feel like a blessing or a burden?

On this episode of the Vertical Go-To-Market Podcast, we welcome Michael Schumacher, Founder of HMDG, to share how he and co-founder Hannah grew their specialist healthcare marketing agency from 10 clients to 800+ clients in just over three years.

Michael went from working 20 hours a day to stay afloat to realizing a growth of 20 to 50 new clients per month. On top of that, you could count the number of clients they’ve lost on one hand. Now that’s impressive!

This astounding growth proves that you can achieve this level of growth in your vertical, too, but only if you have the grit, industry knowledge, and honest heart that Michael has.

Join Corey and Michael on Vertical Go-To-Market as they discuss:

  • Lessons and strategies Michael learned from failing his first agency and growing his second agency, HMDG.
  • Why it’s crucial to speak your clients’ language (know their business/industry/niche).
  • How Michael grew his agency from 10 clients to 800+ clients in just over three years.

Actionable Key Takeaways for Agency Founders:

  • Speak your client’s language: Have an expert be a part of your business. If your clients are physical therapists, you need to understand the physical therapy business or else you won’t be able to gain their respect and get them results.
  • Network with renowned people in your niche’s industry: Connect with well-known, respected people in the industry, find them on LinkedIn or podcasts, and you’ll be attracting new clients and creating organic growth in no time.
  • Good, honest communication = great outcomes: If clients are crossing your boundaries or expecting too much from you, just be honest and reset your expectations. Tell them what you won’t tolerate and guide them through compromise. Remember, you can’t keep saving clients who are bad for business!
  • Be prepared for fast growth: When you’re part of a small sector, you become well-known very quickly. Be prepared to put in a lot of time and effort into managing your growth. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work!

Join us as we discuss healthcare marketing and verticalized agencies as a whole.

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