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Announcing: The 6 Secrets to Outbound ROI

This episode is a short one with just a few updates.

First off, you can sign up for my brand new email course, the Six Secrets to Outbound ROI, right now by going to www.GetOutboundROI.com

Who's this course for?

It's for agency owners who are tired of not getting anywhere with their outbound.

How do you know if this course will help?

One sign is that you've tried and failed at all of the typical outbound strategies, like emails, calls and LinkedIn. Maybe you've also hired an outsourced lead gen company, but it didn't work.

Another sign is that you've already hired and fired BDR teams maybe more than once.

Another sign is that you've become too heavily reliant on inbounds to grow your business. You know you need outbound to work, but you've run out of ideas.

Here's what you need to know about the Six Secrets to Outbound ROI email course.

It's a free six-day email course where each day, you'll get a new secret delivered right to your inbox.

These are the outbound secrets that help me grow Scorpion, a digital marketing agency, from $20 million to $40 million just by adding outbound to an existing inbound-only program.

So if you're ready to start getting outbound working for your agency, go to www.GetOutboundROI.com right now and sign up.

Second, we have some amazing guests coming up on the podcast, including author and well-known positioning expert and agency consultant David C. Baker.

We also have the amazing Jonathan Stark coming up, as well as many more successful agency founders, coaches, and consultants, here to share their stories and insights on taking a vertical market approach to growth.

Thank you for being a listener, and we'll see you next week.