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Generative AI for Agencies: A Threat or An Ally

Is Generative AI a Threat or an Ally for Agencies?

Join us for a special episode of the Vertical Go To Market Podcast featuring Russ Perry, CEO of Design Pickle, where we discuss effective strategies for agency owners to approach new tools such as generative AI and chat GPT. 

Our conversation explores how these tools can save time, improve efficiency, and add value for agencies. 

We also delve into the creative process and highlight how these tools can be used to craft specialized content for clients across various industries. We also touch on the potential legal implications of utilizing such tools, as well as the Wild West element that still exists in this space. 

You'll also hear about the inspiring origin story of Design Pickle and how Russ transformed from a failed agency owner to a successful CEO leading a thriving flat-rate subscription creative services company.

Connect with Russ: https://www.linkedin.com/in/russperry/ 

Design Pickle: https://www.designpickle.com 

Here's a great blogging company with solid news on AI and ways to think about it: https://every.to/chain-of-thought 

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Key Moments

0:02:16 From Consulting to Pickles 

0:05:10 Navigating Generative AI in Business

0:10:19 Augmenting Agency Ideas With AI Tools 

0:17:28 Leveraging New Technology for Creative Ideation 

0:25:13 Starting Prompt Engineering and AI 

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