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From Generalist Creative Shop To Successful Specialized Marketing Agency Targeting B2B Manufacturers

Are you a generalist agency thinking about specializing?

In this episode, I had an insightful conversation with Joe Sullivan, co-owner of Gorilla 76, a marketing agency focused on the manufacturing ecosystem in the B2B space.

We explored their journey from a creative shop to a specialized industrial marketing agency, discussing the importance of positioning and building a relatable brand and the benefits of long-term marketing strategies.

We also dove into the power of content-based networking and verticalizing a business, touching upon how leveraging networks and gathering insights can help make informed decisions when making a significant shift in a business.

Join us for this engaging conversation and learn from Joe's experiences as we discuss the value of specialization for success in the B2B sector!

Connect with Joe on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gorilla76joe/ 

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Key Moments

0:01:08 Introduction
0:06:48 Discovering a Niche
0:12:34 Patterns in Manufacturing Clients
0:23:18 Building a Brand in Niche
0:26:39 Word-of-Mouth in B2B Manufacturing
0:34:49 Connecting With Influencers
0:42:29 Verticalizing Businesses - Leverage Your Network

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