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Radically Different: Specializing Your Business With Category Design

Tired of blending in?

My guest is John Rougeux with Category Design Advisors

In this episode, John breaks down the key concept of being radically different and addresses the question, ‘But is Category Design just another marketing strategy or a holistic business approach?’ We also talk about overcoming the perceived risk of specializing your business, the symptoms in your business of needing a more intentional category strategy, and much more. 

Resources mentioned in the show:

8 Category Levers: How To Build A Massive, Pacific Ocean-Sized Differentiation Moat: https://categorypirates.substack.com/p/8-category-levers-how-to-build-a

Office Hours for Category Design Advisors: https://www.categorydesignadvisors.com/book-office-hours/

Category Pirates: https://www.categorypirates.com/ 

“Play Bigger”: https://www.amazon.com/Play-Bigger-Dreamers-Innovators-Dominate/dp/0062407619 

Connect with John: 

Email: [email protected]  

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnbrougeux/ 


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Key Moments

0:00 John introduces himself

0:59 John defines Category Design for the audience

6:33 How John got introduced to Category Design

11:56 The power of Category Design

14:41 Is Category Design just a marketing strategy or a whole business strategy?

16:29 What is radical differentiation?

20:00 Overcoming the perceived risk of specializing your business

24:32 The symptoms when a company needs to be more intentional about their category strategy

25:43 Using categories as a mental shortcut for navigating the world

29:33 Isn’t teaching your target audience about your category expensive?

31:52 High-level overview of how to do Category Design

34:41 Resources learn more about Category Design

37:50 Corey shares how he applies Category Design to his work with clients


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