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From Overwhelmed Agency Founder To Thriving 7-Figure CEO

My next guest is Sarah Durham, Founder and CEO of Big Duck.

I recently sat down with Sarah to learn how she transformed her generalist marketing agency into a 7-figure PR and Communications firm specializing in the non-profit sector.  We get into the details of why she decided to specialize her firm, how she did it, what led her company to become the premier PR and Communications firm in the non-profit sector, and much more. 

Connect with Sarah through her website: https://www.comptondurham.com 

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Key Moments

0:00: Sarah introduces herself and her company Big Duck.

1:35: The origin story of Big Duck.

3:25: She realized her generalist agency was running her and needed a change.

4:44: They story behind why she chose non-profits as her focus vertical.

7:03: How she transitioned her agency from a generalist to a specialist, focusing on the non-profit sector.

9:01: She details the early days of focusing on the non-profit sector.

11:17: The power of building momentum in a vertical, resulting in many more clients.

14:38: Sarah shares their primary marketing channel.

16:57: How they chose which conferences to attend.

18:10: The growth impact on her agency from authoring two books.

21:05: Her recommendation to founders thinking about writing a book.

23:02: Her thoughts on word of mouth.

25:35: Sarah comments on the positives and negatives of verticalizing a business.

28:00: Sarah advises folks thinking about focusing their business on one or a few verticals.

29:29: Sarah shares what motivates her. 

31:10: Sarah shares about her work as a coach.


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