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Growing Your Agency: The Power of Personal Branding and Vertical Focus

Want to grow your business using your personal brand?

My next guest is Adam McChesney, owner of Hite Digital in St. Louis.

I recently sat down with Adam, who shared how he uses his personal brand to rapidly grow his agency.

He also shares: 

Why relying on his personal brand for lead gen has created a content bottleneck in the business. 

The importance of attending home services conferences

- The impact of verticalizing the business

- His advice to generalist agencies and businesses considering a vertical approach. 

- And much more


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Key Moments

0:00: Adam introduces himself and his agency, Hite Digital
5:46: How Adam chose home services as his focus vertical
8:25: How Adam uses personal branding as a primary way to grow his agency
15:29: What makes good content, today
16:56: 95% of new sales come from social media and how this has created a bottleneck.
20:26: Why it’s important for his agency to attend home services conferences
21:51: What a good conference strategy is
24:11: The role of word of mouth plays for his agency
26:58: Adam shares the positive aspects of verticalizing a business.
28:11: Adam shares the negatives of verticalizing a business
29:23: Adam's advice to generalist agencies considering taking a vertical approach
31:12: Adam's motivation for what he does