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The Road to 8-Figure Success: Specializing to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency Beyond 7 Figures

Want to hear how an agency owner broke through the 7-figure ceiling by transforming his typical, run-of-the-mill agency into a vertical specialist?

My guest is Cardinal Digital Marketing’s Founder and CEO, Alex Membrillo

In this episode, you’ll hear how being a generalist marketing agency kept him in 7 figures, why transforming his agency from a generalist to a vertical specialist unlocked revenue, allowing him to hit 8-figures, how focusing on a vertical helps drive pipeline, his biggest fear when deciding to specialize, how he attracts new healthcare clients today, and much more.

Connect with Alex: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexmembrillo/ 

Cardinal's website: https://www.cardinaldigitalmarketing.com/ 

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Key Moments:

0:00: Intro to Alex’s background and Cardinal’s (his agency) size and revenue today.

5:22: Why he transformed his agency from a generalist to a specialist.

7:12: How focusing on a vertical helps drive pipeline.

9:15: His biggest fear when it comes to specializing his agency.

9:57: How his love for helping others led him to specialize in healthcare.

11:02: The process of transitioning his agency from a generalist to a specialist.

12:03: ChatGPT’s impact on agencies.

13:12: Learning the inside language in healthcare.

14:32: Does healthcare have insider language?

15:05: How he attracts new healthcare clients today.

18:02: The importance of inbound and referrals.

19:23: The structure of the sales team today

19:56: How to get the most out of conferences

21:15: The critical activities that generate Word of Mouth

22:32: "When's the right time to verticalize a business?"

23:04: “What’s your motivation?”