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Mastering the Art of Selling to Franchises: A Blueprint for Success

Want to master the art of selling to franchise brands?

My guest is Hot Dish Advertising’s CEO and Co-Founder, Dawn Kane.

Discover how she grew Hot Dish into the #1 marketing and advertising agency for franchise brands. Hear how building real, authentic relationships within the franchise community resulted in 80% of new business coming from word of mouth. You’ll also hear about franchising’s insider language, the critical role of associations and conferences, and other essential gems for creating long-term success.

Connect with Dawn: [email protected] or on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawn-kane-90a945a/

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Notable moments:

2:51: Dawn shares the early stages of getting into the franchise vertical for her advertising agency.

9:21: Dawn remarks on the importance of building an agency filled with franchise vertical subject matter experts.

12:11: Dawn talks about Franchising’s insider language and the critical importance of knowing it if you want to be successful.

13:31: Dawn shares the importance of staying current with what’s happening in the franchise industry (which is always changing).

15:05: Dawn advises on the importance of getting involved with franchise associations.

17:16: Dawn talks about building real, authentic relationships within the franchise industry.

23:56: Dawn talks about expanding revenue within her existing franchise customers by offering new service lines.

26:29: Dawn talks about approaching the potential conflict of working with two or more competitors as clients.

27:55: Dawn talks about the role of conferences in growing her agency.

30:11: Dawn talks about putting the customer first in creating long-term word of mouth (80% of their business comes from word of mouth)

38:38: Dawn shares her advice to someone considering a vertical approach to growing their business.

40:58: Dawn shares one thing that has led to being recognized as the top agency in franchising.

42:26: Dawn shares her motivation for what drives her.