Gifting For Growth w/John Ruhlin

“We started to realize that we're going to become the expert at how to use high level, unique, creative, physical goods to deepen relationships, open doors, and 10X referrals. – John Ruhlin, Co-Founder of Giftology

You can’t talk about corporate gifting without John Ruhlin, the Co-Founder of Giftology (and author of the eponymous book), who not only reverse-engineered the idea for his company after seeing gifting strategies take place organically, but actually opted out of med school because of the success he found early on. 

He joins the show to explain, in great detail, how to leverage gifting strategies to build lasting relationships, company culture, and sales pipeline by leveraging psychology and his tried-and-tested approach.

Corey and John dive into the specifics of what makes for a good gift, how to translate the gift receiver’s profile into an effective gift (you wouldn’t give a Casio to a person wearing Rolex day-to-day), and how to personalize gifts so that they have a lasting impact in the person’s life, even becoming family heirlooms

And, it’s not just the thought and idea of the gift, but the whole experience around it; The personalization, the message, the delivery, the unexpectedness of it all. For one, John’s company never sends a gift at the same time twice. And it’s that element of surprise that really does the hard work in the process, giving you the 10x or even 100x return on that initial gift investment.

Corey and John cover everything from the psychology of gifting to breaking down the who, how, and why of a highly-converting enterprise gifting strategy.

Here’s what Corey and John discuss in this episode:

  • How Cutco Knives inspired an idea for his business, and how he became one of the highest-grossing sales channels for the brand.
  • The psychology of gifting and why it works in business settings.
  • How to figure out what to invest in gifting.
  • Examples of meaningful gifting strategies, and how it’s all about the experience.

Here are some actionable key takeaways for agency founders:

  • What is the worth of your relationships? Figure out the value, and gift accordingly.
  • Gifting is not transactional: you don’t give to get.
  • It’s not about the value of the gift but how it ties into the receiver’s core values.
  • Use gifting as a way to show up when you’re not having face-to-face with your relationships

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Connect with John on Linkedin Here
  • Learn more about Giftology Group Here

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