The Golden Circle

I recently listened to Andrew Warner's interview of Simon Sinek for the second time and was inspired to write a post.  Simon is the author of a book called Start with Why which discusses the concept of The Golden Circle.  The Golden Circle Looks like this: The Golden Circle answers the questions: Why, How and [...]

Best Practices Webinar For Therapists Just Posted

In today's online world, (mental health) therapists frequently receive emails from prospective clients. The emails are inquiring about coming in for an initial session, area of focus, something they found on the therapist's website, etc. As these emails present an opportunity for new business, therapists will eagerly reply.  However, based on reports from many therapists, [...]

Cracking the Compatibility Code for Finding a Therapist

This past week, published a story on Susan Shapiro, a woman who uses a speed dating format for individuals to meet potential therapists. "There is no apparatus in place if somebody wants to find a good therapist," she says. "In therapy, there aren't any meet-and-greet events. It's interesting because therapy is probably more important [...]

comScore’s State of the US Online Retail Economy Q1-2009

Below are slides on comScore's State of the US Online Retail Economy Q1-2009, and the related effects on search engine traffic and e-commerce. * There was a 210% jump in March on the term “unemployment”. * The Largest realized volume increase for Unique Searches was seen for the term “Coupons”.