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My mentor/business partner Dr. Robert Dee McDonald and I were getting ready to launch our anxiety ending product “The End of Anxiety”.

Based on my research of the target market, a long form sales letter seemed like it would be the best fit and potentially lead to the most sales of our product. Yet, having never written a long form sales letter, I needed some coaching.  So, I headed to Google to find an expert resource to guide me through the process.

That is when I found Joanna’s website CopyHackers website and e-book “Copy-Hackers Book 5: The Dark Art of Writing Long Form Sales Pages“.

Before purchasing the e-book, of course I checked out her posts and reviews to make sure that she was legit and that I would get a resource that would successfully guide me through the process of writing my sales page.

As I dug into her site, I went from skeptical to excited. I purchased the e-book.

I followed Joanna’s formula that she lays out in the e-book, pretty much word for word. She goes through every detail-from the anatomy of the page to a brilliant methodology for writing copy that speaks directly to the target audience on an emotional level.  She explains it in an easy to digest and entertaining way that is just her style. This topic has dry and technical written all over it, but instead, I found myself flying through the pages of her e-book, leaning forward and engaged.

As a result, I was able to sell a shit-ton of product from this page.

Thanks Joanna!

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