Cracking the Compatibility Code for Finding a Therapist

This past week, published a story on Susan Shapiro, a woman who uses a speed dating format for individuals to meet potential therapists.

“There is no apparatus in place if somebody wants to find a good therapist,” she says. “In therapy, there aren’t any meet-and-greet events. It’s interesting because therapy is probably more important than anything in the world because you want to feel comfortable with somebody and you don’t want to waste $100 on an intake session.”

Unsatisfied with current methods of finding a therapist through a directory website, she came up with this speed-date idea to give therapist-seekers a chance to briefly meet with therapists see if there is a good ‘fit’.

Because fit between therapist and client is so important in the process of therapy, I think more and more of these types of compatibility based therapist / therapist-seeker solutions will evolve.  My favorite, of course, is

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