The 8th Powerful Resource for Lean Startups

In a follow on to my previous post, 7 Powerful Resources for Lean Startups, I’m adding one more amazing resource for you to consider: 8. If you believe in standing on the shoulders of smart people, then you want to check out this platform.  Clay Collins, the founder, is obsessed with testing landing pages […]

7 Powerful Resources for Lean Startups

As a starter, I am always on the lookout for powerful tools to help me get more done in less time.  Here are 7 resources that I’ve used and I think are worth sharing: 1. If your business serves customers / clients within a certain locality (e.g. your city),you should check out  This is […]

The Golden Circle

I recently listened to Andrew Warner’s interview of Simon Sinek for the second time and was inspired to write a post.  Simon is the author of a book called Start with Why which discusses the concept of The Golden Circle.  The Golden Circle Looks like this: The Golden Circle answers the questions: Why, How and […]

Cracking the Compatibility Code for Finding a Therapist

This past week, published a story on Susan Shapiro, a woman who uses a speed dating format for individuals to meet potential therapists. “There is no apparatus in place if somebody wants to find a good therapist,” she says. “In therapy, there aren’t any meet-and-greet events. It’s interesting because therapy is probably more important […]