"Why get involved with conferences?" Part Two

Yesterday's post introduced the idea of creating in-person shared experiences at conferences. 

This matters because shared experiences create memories

These memories will live with your current and future customers forever (and not with your competitors). 

One way to create a shared experience at a trade conference is to host an event.  

Your hosted event can be extensive: rent out a fancy location and bring in entertainment, food and drink. 

Or it can be as simple: throw down a credit card at the conference hotel and host an informal happy hour.  

What’s important is that you bring a group of people in your target market or vertical together for a low-pressure, enjoyable social experience.  (emphasis on low-pressure)

When two people in the industry connect at your event, YOU are the common denominator.  This further strengthens their connection to you and your brand. 

So my advice is to make the investment of time and energy to create an event that ensures memories are being made.

Tomorrow, I'll talk about doing a group activity with your current and future customers.


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