CMO’s Guide to Influencer Marketing

Check out my latest e-book:   Here’s the pitch: Want to get the best results from your Influencer Marketing campaigns but not sure where to get started? Download this free guide today to learn everything you need to know. In This Guide, You’ll Learn: What is an Influencer? What is Influencer Marketing? How Influencer Marketing […]

Generate Social Media Buzz Kim Kardashian Would Envy, With Influencer Marketing

In a major shift away from interruption based marketing, where consumers are sent marketing messages intended to jolt us awake from our daily hypnotic trance just long enough to successfully deliver an irresistible marketing or branding message into our cloudy brains: smart marketers are migrating to a permission based marketing tactic, namely influencer marketing. Influencer marketing […]

4 Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring A Search Marketing Agency

While pitching the head of revenue at a growth company, “Jonas”, about our search marketing services, it was evident to me from his questions that his process for choosing a partner wasn’t dialed in. He didn’t know the right things to ask and was at risk of choosing a sub-par partner (there are many out […]

My First Adventure Into Long Form Sales Copy

This post is a testimonial to Joanna Wiebe of My mentor/business partner Dr. Robert Dee McDonald and I were getting ready to launch our anxiety ending product “The End of Anxiety”. Based on my research of the target market, a long form sales letter seemed like it would be the best fit and potentially lead […]

Pricing Strategy For Hyperlocal Business

I was quoted today at on pricing strategy for businesses who sell into SMBs: [box]1. Understand your product’s value. “One pricing model that works for one company may not work for another, so of course, do your research online and look at your competitors. I think it starts with understanding the value that your […]